Tesla is Unveiling the “D”


Tesla’s “D” unveiling hasn’t quite started yet, but USA Today has taken the wraps off for Elon Musk & Co. Fitting into some of the rumors, speculation and a car spotted a few days ago, Tesla is rolling out new all-wheel drive equipped versions of its Model S. The top of the line dual-motor equipped P85D has a measured 0 – 60 time of 3.2 seconds, which should put it among the fastest sedans ever when it starts shipping in December. According to Musk, the system is a “huge improvement” that actually adds efficiency over a single motor — about 10 miles in range per charge.

Aside from the performance and handling upgrade of AWD (two other models with the tech will roll out early next year) Tesla is also introducing new driver assist features to match and surpass what others like Mercedes and Lexus are doing, like lane keeping and self-adjusting cruise control. Its new cars can read speed limit signs and adjust accordingly, and even change lanes by themselves when the driver activates the turn signal, all powered by a system of 12 sensors that see around the car.


There’s no word yet on how much the additions will cost, however. We’ll add more details for you as they’re announced.



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