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Richest Blacks in 2014 by Forbes

  It has been since 2013 the number of black billionaires has increased by two, according to Forbes’ billionaire list of 2014. So how did these black people become so … Continue Reading →

High Heel 2 Alexander-McQueen-Alien-Shoes


  Someone rightly said, women don’t know who created high heels, but all of them should be greatly thankful to him- they make women stand out literally! High heels add … Continue Reading →


The Health Benefits of Red Wine

Can wine really improve our health and increase longevity? Scientists are beginning to say “Yes!” Supposing that the theory is true — which wines give us the most bang for … Continue Reading →


Top 10 Richest People in the United States 2014 – Forbes Magazine Source

The annual Forbes 400 is out again breaking another record with combined fortune of $2.29 trillion. America got some of the wealthiest businessmen in the world, occupying 8 spots in 10 richest … Continue Reading →

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The African Cities the World Do Not Tell You About

. The African Continent has been considered as the poorest continent on the planet, Africa is the home to 54 sovereign nations with some progressing nations who are quite wealthy … Continue Reading →

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Who is ISIL? Background Briefing: What is ISIL?

Introduction: The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is a predominantly Sunni jihadist group, seeks to sow civil unrest in Iraq and the Levant (region spanning from southern Turkey to Egypt … Continue Reading →


Tesla is Unveiling the “D”

Tesla’s “D” unveiling hasn’t quite started yet, but USA Today has taken the wraps off for Elon Musk & Co. Fitting into some of the rumors, speculation and a car spotted a few days ago, Tesla … Continue Reading →


Best 10 University and Colleges in the US

Four years of college education can cost as much as a quarter million dollars. This amount of money is big enough to make people pay attention to college rankings. Forbes … Continue Reading →

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Super Unique Luxury Watches

Steve Jobs once said, “It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” Watches help us in managing this precious resource. They not only show time, … Continue Reading →

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  Darker skinned people generally have different needs when it comes to moisturizing their skin. Today, let’s explore the five best body creams for a dark skinned person. Best Body … Continue Reading →