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Who is ISIL? Background Briefing: What is ISIL?

Introduction: The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is a predominantly Sunni jihadist group, seeks to sow civil unrest in Iraq and the Levant (region spanning from southern Turkey to Egypt … Continue Reading →

Middle East Richest-Arab-Countries

Richest Nations in the Middle East

The economic climate structure of the Middle East nations are different in the sense that while some (like Saudi Arabia and UAE) depend heavily on the export of oil and … Continue Reading →


10 Most Valuable Currencies in the World 2014

  “At my early years, I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I known that it is,” said Irish writer and … Continue Reading →

Most Intelligent Countries in the World 2014

  Dr. Jonathan Wai is a Duke University Talent Identification Program research scientist and psychologist. He compiled the Most Intelligent Countries in the World (countries with largest amount of brilliant … Continue Reading →

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Qatar Upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup Stadiums

  Qatar is proposing to build nine new stadiums and renovate three, at an estimated cost of around $3 billion. The 12 venues are divided among seven host cities: Al-Daayen, … Continue Reading →


20 Most Corrupt Nations in Africa

Africa is blessed with natural resources like gold, oil, diamonds, cobalt, iron, copper, uranium, silver, bauxite, cocoa beans and petroleum. Unfortunately the standard of living of many people in the … Continue Reading →


10 Richest Pastors in the World

World’s Richest Pastors A pastor is an ordained leader of Christian faith and congregation. Many pastors worldwide are serving humanity by providing guidance to people belonging to the community. Some … Continue Reading →

Kim Jong Ho

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Misses Important Anniversary Event – Where is He?

  For the first time in three years, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un wasn’t on a list of dignitaries at a celebration of the anniversary of the founding of … Continue Reading →


Tesla is Unveiling the “D”

Tesla’s “D” unveiling hasn’t quite started yet, but USA Today has taken the wraps off for Elon Musk & Co. Fitting into some of the rumors, speculation and a car spotted a few days ago, Tesla … Continue Reading →


Best 10 University and Colleges in the US

Four years of college education can cost as much as a quarter million dollars. This amount of money is big enough to make people pay attention to college rankings. Forbes … Continue Reading →